future professional rugby player?
Gaëtan, rugbyman landais, futur pro ? | Côte Landes NaturePortrait d'un inconditionnel du rugby qui se donne les moyens de faire une carrière à grande échelle !

No-one can stop Gaëtan Robert…

In training at the Biarritz Olympique centre, this 21-year-old from Linxe, is climbing through the levels of the sport rapidly, while continuing his studies.

In college, he joined the ACLR (Association Côte Landes Rugby) in the juniors and later under 21s. While still a student at the Borda high school, he joined the Crabos junior team and was a student at the Dax training centre. A few years later, he moved into the “young hopefuls” category while following a degree at the University of Bordeaux.

Landesthe heart of rugby
Gaëtan Roberta story of passion
His favourite spots in the Côte Landes Nature

Meet this native of the Côte Landes Nature

How does a typical day at Biarritz Olympique unfold?

“It depends on the days but most often we have a half day of courses and the other half day in training. On weekends, I play championship games. ”

What’s your aim?

“The French national team, of course, but there is still a lot of work to do and it seems far enough away at the moment… Otherwise perhaps to win the Brennus shield*”.
*awarded to the victorious team in the French rugby union championship, the “Top 14.”

Do you have any other interests?
“Sport in general, not just rugby. Football, basketball with the NBA, tennis, the Tour de France, that kind of thing!”

Good reasons to visit the Landes

What do you like here?

“Being close to everything – the beaches, the mountains (even if I don’t go there very much), the food and drink of course – duck and pastis Landais. There’s a great family atmosphere which is always very present. It’s beautiful, with beautiful landscapes… The traditional village festivals and towns like Dax and Bayonne. Great weather.”


Your advice to tourists?

“Enjoy the natural environment, the beaches and the lakes of the Landes coast. Take a bike ride or a walk on the cycle paths in the Landes forest – you absolutely must go for a walk to the Contis lighthouse. Try out all the excellent local food at restaurants like l’Estanquet in Mixe or the Ferme Auberge Lesca in Castets. Go down the Courant d’Huchet by canoe, or through the forest on the river Palue and the Courant de Contis.”

Your three favourite places in the Côte Landes Nature?

«  The Yons springs in Mixe, the sand bar on Lake  Léon in Vielle, the moulin de Binaou in Linxe. »


Your best memories of the Landes?

“My best memory in the Landes is that, when I was younger, we went fishing with the whole neighbourhood all night long in Yons, sleeping outdoors under the stars! The next day we all had a picnic next to the spring.”