Eglise Saint Michel Escalus | Côte Landes NatureL'église de Saint Michel Escalus, près de Léon dans les Landes
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Saint Michel Escalus

This small village, steeped with local traditions, invites you to come & discover its subtle mix of history, culture and typic countryside

Welcome to Saint-Michel-Escalus!

Sheltered by the tall pines of the Landes forest of the Côte Landes Nature, Saint Michel Escalus is located near Castets, Linxe, Léon and Vielle, and is the result of the merger of the two former parishes of Saint-Michel and Escalus.

Surrounded by vast forests of maritime pines, you can stroll through this authentically preserved village and observe all the pretty Landes houses and the airials.

Erected on a hillock to give a defensive advantage, the Church of Saint-Michel is a listed monument, with an ancient pulpit in solid wood.

The church of Escalus consists of a square bell tower and a nave followed by a chevet. It has been moved several times in its history to protect it from flooding.

Did you know ?

In Saint Michel, you’ll see a fountain dedicated to St Antoine, which is known to cure skin ailments such as eczema.

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