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Taste the charm of this peaceful village that invites you to go for walks and daydream!

Welcome to Taller!

Far from the tourist bustle of the seaside resorts of the Atlantic coast, Taller is a beautifully well-preserved village, nestled in the Landes forest, halfway between the ocean beaches and Chalosse.

what to do and see in Taller

Take in all the charms of its heritage as you take a slow stroll through its little streets.

The stone needle marking the location of the Hospital de la Fosse Guimbaud recalls that Taller was once a stage on the “via Turonensis” frequented by pilgrims on the road to Santiago de Compostella.

Another of Taller’s curiosities is the Sainte Eutrope fountain, located between the church, the presbytery and the Palue stream. It is reputed to have healing properties for rheumatism.

The church of Saint-Barthélemy, built in the 13th century and fortified against invaders, is one of the most remarkable historic places in Taller. Follow in the footsteps of Father Victor Doussy (1878-1953), an emblematic figure of the village whose plaque, affixed to the old Art Deco presbytery located opposite the church, pays tribute to him.

The stone wash house, one of a kind in the Landes, is a vestige of the 19th century: it has an oval concrete basin under a solid wooden roof with four sides.

Don’t miss the splendid Art Nouveau meeting room, built in 1910 and designed by the architect Pomade, an expert in this type of construction in the Landes.

With the family, as a couple or with friends, get on your bikes and ride along “Lo camin de Hé,” the cycle path connecting Taller to Vielle Saint Girons which passes just behind the church. A 9.4 km hiking circuit is also open to walking enthusiasts, as well as a smartphone treasure hunt!

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