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In this digital age, the Tourist Office’s brochures are dematerialized.

To browse or download, they are updated every year to offer you the best of Côte Landes Nature and it’s free!

Since 2017, we have been publishing a Magazine that allows to live local experiences, to discover the local personalities or people who are the best ambassadors of our destination.

A rental offer is available with our Accommodation Guide. It lists all the partners of the Tourist Office: campsites, holiday villages, hotels, guest rooms, unusual cottages, holiday rentals but also motorhome areas and estate agencies.

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice, we will be pleased to guide you.

Visit, move, taste, discover! It’s all in the Holiday Guide. It will accompany you everywhere; you are looking for a restaurant, a family activity, a surfing course or a market nearby? Ask for it and choose our partners.

We also publish the Tourist Map of Côte Landes Nature, the agendas of the animations as well as a map of the cycling paths of the territory at 1 euro.

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The Magazine of Côte Landes Nature Tourisme, edited in 2021 ” My Guide “


  • To each his own beach / To each his own moment
  • The BEST OF family outings
  • When sport goes green
  • Fishing as you like
  • All eco-responsible on holiday too!

The Magazine of Côte Landes Nature Tourisme, edited in 2020 ” My Guide “


  • The secret of the Landes’ beaches
  • The Landes, country of gastronomy
  • The Landes forest: the other ocean
  • Freshwater with lakes and curents
  • A land of history and heritage

The Magazine of Côte Landes Nature Tourisme, edited in 2019


  • Our most beautiful bike tours
  • Here are the activities ideas!
  • The Landes forest, huge and fragile
  • To each its own beach
  • The TOP 10 flavors

The Magazine of Côte Landes Nature Tourisme, edited in 2018


  • Sandrine is watching you!
  • The latest news about sliding sports
  • Our forest, an amazing playground
  • The “airials”
  • Yes, it’s raining!

The first Magazine of Côte Landes Nature Tourisme, edited in 2017


  • What do we do for the holidays?
  • The TOP 3 of the products to bring back home
  • Disconnection
  • Partying, that’s an art of living!
  • Sea leashes, what’s that?
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