L'église de Lévignacq et son plafond peint | Côte Landes NatureL'église Saint Martin de Lévignacq a la particularité d'avoir un plafond en bois peint, style coque de bateau inversée... à venir visiter dans ce village typiquement landais


This old village has everything to seduce epicureans and lovers of old stone buildings

Welcome to Lévignacq!

Legend has it that Lévignacq was once located at the crossroads of the Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage.

Near the Bordeaux – Bayonne path and 12 km from the Atlantic coast, Lévignacq is a town shared between the “Pays de Born” and “Marensin” regions.

This small village is an architectural treasure that has stood the test of time. Its beauty testifies to the diversity and history of the Côte Landes Nature holiday destination.

Lévignacq et son circuit de géocachingLévignacq, village de Côte Landes Nature à découvrir pour ses maisons typique des Landes, sa piste cyclable vers le Cap de l'Homy ou le Lac d'Arjuzanx, sa Greeter Marynette et son parcours Terra Aventura !

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what to see and do in Lévignacq

Explore all its treasures and original charm, on foot or by bike. Walk down its alleys and admire the half-timbered houses from the 19th century, typical of the traditional Landes architectural style.

The fortified church of Saint-Martin is classified as a historic monument and dates from the 14th century. It has a particularly beautiful bell tower with a polygonal spire. The interior of the church houses paintings by local artists from the period between 1713 and 1715 and frescoes from the 15th century. See also the Louis XIII front door in wrought iron and wooden bars.

Walking along the river, check out the old stone washhouse and the charming “Moulin Vieux,” a mill built in wood and local Landes sandstone.

Whether for a simple stroll to a sporty hike, escape to the forest along the two signposted hiking trails.

By bike or mountain bike, the Vignac cycle path leads to the Atlantic Ocean and offers a moment of genuine pleasure to share with the family, as a couple or with friends. You should count a good two hours along this greenway from Lévignacq to the coast, at the beach of Cap de l’Homy.

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