Lac d'Uza | Côte Landes Nature Tourisme


Discover this picturesque village, kingdom of asparagus in Les Landes

Welcome to Uza!

Located in the Pays de Born, at the crossroads between Lévignacq and Saint Julien en Born, Uza has to be an essential cultural and gourmet stop during your stay in Côte Landes Nature!

what to do and see in Uza

In the middle of the Landes pine forest, Uza is a village marked by its history, which is told through its heritage – its château, its lake with its lush green banks, the church, the town hall with its highly original architecture, the remains of ancient iron forges and above all its asparagus fields!

Uza asparagus is 100% organic. The 18 hectares of fields are environmentally friendly, using no fertilisers, weedkillers or chemicals. The two varieties – white and purple are both renowned and used in the highest quality cuisine by the best chefs in France, who absolutely love it!

The church of Saint-Louis is a curiosity classified as a Historic Monument. The local “Friends of the Church of Uza” bring it to life with a captivating guided tour, available during the summer months.

Uza is a great stopover on the Vignac cycle path linking Lévignacq to Cap de l’Homy beach on the Atlantic coast, which also takes you through the wild and unspoiled landscapes of the Landes pine forests.