Courant de Contis | Côte Landes NatureEmbouchure du Courant de Contis séparant le Cap de l'Homy au sud et Contis plage au nord
©Sophie Pawlak

The Landes...

condensed nature

Ride, climb, surf, stroll… but above all enjoy!


Signposted and surfaced trails
Much appreciated for the quality and abundance of its flora and fauna, the Landes forest hosts part of the Vélodyssée©, a cycle path which crosses France along the Atlantic coast over 1,200 km.
As the seasons go by, walk, cycle or rollerblade on the miles of smooth cycle paths and other hiking trails laid out among the maritime pines.

Having fun among the pines
With endless miles of forest, tree climbing is a local tradition! In Léon and Saint Julien en Born, tree climbing courses are available for all ages (almost… from 3 to 77 years old, and older if you are in good shape!). Between the monkey bridges, the Tarzan swings and ziplines, enjoy a unique sporting experience with family or friends among the maritime pines and oaks. Qualified teams ensure your safety in order to make the most of this fabulous adventure up in the canopy!

Discover our territory on foot or in the saddle
The Landes forest is rich in history. Certain hiking and cycling clubs will be happy to have you along to discover the stories and unique character of our region. Lots of different activities are on offer, through which the locals will tell you about the legends and traditions of the region. With some captivating hikes, the Landes forest and its heritage will reveal all its secrets!

Full steam!
Lots races, and trials take place in the Landes forest. Day and night, these races allow athletes to train in a magnificent setting.

The two lakes of Côte Landes Nature

Lake Léon
Seen from the sky, Lake Léon is only 4 km as the crow flies from the Atlantic Ocean, with which it is connected by the Courant d’Huchet, a veritable umbilical cord. Its caramel-coloured waters mingle with the blue ocean at Moliets Plage. Located just over one kilometre from the village of Léon to the South and Vielle to the North, this is the place for all holiday wishes to come true. There are two campsites open from April onwards, in a privileged location which allows immediate access to lots of environmentally friendly nautical activities. The Huchet nature reserve and a Natura 2000 area ensure that the local ecosystems are respected. Paddle board, canoeing, boats (of course) and pedaloes are all ideal ways to discover this body of water. A boating station in Léon and another in Vielle offer sailing courses and boat hire for young and old alike. Lake Léon is suitable for traditional fishing or float-tube fishing in the reed beds.
It isn’t possible to cycle or walk right around Lake Léon, but from the north side in Vielle, it is possible to start a ride along the trails of the Huchet nature reserve.

Lake Uza
A stop at Lake Uza is as if time itself has stopped, a place steeped in history on the bike trail between Lit-et-Mixe and Lévignacq, on the Vignac cycle path, and a perfect place for a break. Formerly the Uza water reservoir, the lake served the steel forges in the Landes. Although many of these have been renovated for other purposes they unfortunately can’t be visited – however, the association of friends of the church of Saint-Louis opens its doors in the tourist season to share the history of this small Landes village with visitors.

Rivers and streams

Canoeing on the Palue
A river feeding Lake Léon, the Palue can be travelled by canoe or kayak. This aquatic sport allows you to discover a wild setting in the middle of the Landes forest, where cork oaks, acacias, alders, chestnut trees and willows grow in a riot of green. The water is calm and the journey is safe, without rapids. You might see a heron, a squirrel or a doe along the way if you don’t splash your paddles too much!

Down the Courant de Contis by paddle board
Invigorating and mindful, Stand-Up paddle tests your balance, strengthens your muscles and gives you a unique view of the surrounding natural world from the water.
Starting at Contis, you can hire paddles and boards, and off you go for an adventure in a classified Natura 2000 area.