Marché à Léon | Côte Landes NatureProduits régionaux, Légumes et Fruits de saison... vous trouverez ce qu'il vous faut sur nos marchés
©Sophie Pawlak

Markets from Léon to Contis

in Côte Landes Nature

Looking for flavors of the terroir? Fresh fruits and vegetables?

Just come to our typical markets, where you will be able to feel the passion of the farmers and vendors.

Obviously, the “Sud-Ouest” knows it all about gastronomy and good atmosphere!

Take your time

smell and taste

The TOP to try & bring back home :

  • In spring : asparagus, the white one grown in the sand in Les Landes
  • In autumn : kiwi, the green or the yellow ones grown on the banks of the Adour
  • Our masterpiece : duck, the “fat duck” is everywhere and cooked in so many ways : “confits”, “magrets”, “Foie Gras” fresh or semi-preserved or canned
  • For the pastry lovers : La Tourtière or Le Pastis
  • For a drink : wines from Chalosse or Tursan, Flocde Gascogne and the divine Armagnac

Save the dates!

All year long :

  • Tuesdays : in Léon and Linxe
  • Wednesdays : in Saint-Julien-en-Born and in Saint-Michel-Escalus (16h30-19h)
  • Thursdays : in Lit-et-Mixe (with fresh fish and cheese from the Pays Basque)
  • Fridays : in Linxe
  • Saturdays : in Saint-Julien-en-Born (the greedy one with a different snack cooked on the spot every week) and Vielle-Saint-Girons (the little one)
  • Sundays : in Castets and Léon (the biggest one)

Extra markets during Summer time :

  • From May to october : in Taller (16h30-19h)

  • From 15th June to 30th September : in Léon every morning
  • In July and August :
    in Lit-et-Mixe every morning
    in Contis plage on wednesday & sunday morning
    in Saint-Girons plage on sundy morning

It's Summer Time!

Tonight, let’s go to the market!

After a beautiful summer day at the beach, or while strolling along the cycle paths, let yourself be tempted by the many night markets of Côte Landes Nature, from 7pm to 11pm where the alleys and village squares come alive.

Pretty colourful stands offer local and international crafts, souvenirs and regional products to take home or for friends.

In the heart of the villages, the “nocturnes” give another dimension to these markets and the atmosphere of the villages becomes more festive as on Wednesday evenings in July & August in Léon and in St Julien en born, in Lit-et-Mixe on Thursday evenings from mid-July to the end of August.

At the beach, on Tuesday at Saint Girons plage in July & August.

The best of the Landes in your dishes

It is the MUST of summer, you can come with your family or your friends to enjoy dishes prepared on site by the best local producers.

Whether you come to fill your basket or taste on site, the Markets of Country Producers guarantee you quality products coming straight from their exploitation and without intermediaries.

Here there is no resale, the “charter of good practices” does not tolerate it!

As in our traditional markets, we find the iconic products of the Landes: duck breasts, foie gras, trout and fresh fruit cooked à la plancha served on a wonderful sabayon…

For more friendliness, these markets are organized from the sunny days and in the open air, in the heart of the villages or on the shores of Lake Léon (Vielle side)…

Good to know!


It is an opportunity to eat “clean” thanks to the use of biodegradable crockery, and to use the reusable bags provided free of charge for your purchases.
The bars lend reusable cups.