Fêtes de CastetsFêtes de Castets
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Having fun at the "Féria"

Whether you were born here or have adopted our country, having fun with friends at the Feria is what life is all about – so are you a red scarf or a blue scarf?

The Landes art of living

The best known of the festivals are “les Fêtes de Dax” and “La Madeleine” in Mont de Marsan… but did you know that each village organises its own festivals, each with its codes and rituals just like the larger festivals?

Whether you’re « red and white » or « blue and white », the dress codes are pretty much universally respected..
Easy to understand, there are those who know already and those who will learn quickly.
Whoever you are you’ll be the perfect “festayre,” welcome to join in if you get the gear right!

How to dress

Where are you going to spend the holidays this summer?

Castets, Léon, Lit et Mixe or Saint Julien en Born ?

All four perhaps? If that’s the case, like many locals, you will have to dress with at least a red scarf in Castets and Saint Julien en Born, and a blue one in Léon and Lit et Mixe 😉

Remember! No mistakes on your festayre outfit…

  • White trousers,
  • A white, red or blue t-shirt for the duration of the festival,
  • A pair of comfortable shoes or sneakers,
  • A beret,
  • A scarf,
  • A cinta (a sort of scarf tied around the waist),
  • A glass in the colours of your festival clothes,
  • A few euros… there are rides for kids, of course, because any decent party is for the whole family!

Be careful not to keep your festival clothes on when the July 14th ball or the firefighters’ dance come round – there it’s formal dress only!

Bandas, the soul of the holidays!

Bandas are festive brass bands with drums and lots of noise – the background music to any good festival!

They wander the streets during the festival, cheerfully livening up bars and restaurants. The identity of each banda can be seen in its outfit and its name.

Each musician wears a different “chamarre” and scarf in the colours of their band.
In the Côte Landes Nature holiday destination, we have two bandas:

  • in Castets, the “Lous Tiarrots” (“friends of the aperitif”) who wear the colours red and white
  • in Lit et Mixe with “Lous Mayouns” (“the little seagulls”) who wear blue and white outfits, the colours of the village!

A banda is also a mixture of generations and musical styles.

They used to be exclusively made up of men, and even today some, whose names will be withheld, still have no women in their groups!
In the “Tiarrots” and the “Lous Mayouns,” everyone has their place but you have to prove yourself in “prep class” at music school, then with a harmony orchestra, before taking the plunge into full banda.
Becoming a musician goes beyond music, it’s a concept that brings together disparate people that might never have met without this link.

Playing, listening, dancing in a banda is great fun. The bandas gather, and differences melt away… at least for the duration of the party!

Save the date!