Greeters | Côte Landes Nature TourismeGreeters en Côte Landes Nature, des visites en pleine immersion locale avec des villageois passionnés
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in Côte Landes Nature

An original way to see the Landes
Explore “Côte Landes Nature” with one of our Greeters

The Greeters movement

Greeters are not guides.
Greeters are locals with a passion for their country, their town, their village, and who want to volunteer their time to meet people and share their secret corners and best deals.

The values of Greeters

  1. Greeters are volunteers
  2. Greeters welcome individuals and groups of up to 6 people
  3. Meeting with a Greeter is completely free
  4. Greeters welcome all-comers without any discrimination
  5. The Greeters networks are part of a sustainable tourism approach that respects the environment and local people. They participate in the cultural and economic enrichment of local communities and contribute to the positive image of the tourist destination
  6. Greeters networks promote mutual enrichment and cultural exchanges between individuals for a better world

Book now!

With our Greeters, book at or call +33 (0)5 58 42 89 80

To Lévignacq with Marynette – only in french
Stroll through this gorgeous little village with its typical Landes houses, the stone wash house and the church, classified as a historic monument.
Marynette will also take you outside the town to tell you about the forests, streams and springs.

To Linxe with Pierre – only in french 
Go for a mountain bike ride with Pierre, who will tell you about the fascinating history of his village.
Then off to the Landes forest, where he will explain forestry work, with lots of interesting facts about the flour mills and the cork oaks.